Pam Sinclair

Specialist Areas

  • Life Coach

  • Therapist

  • Bereavement Counselling


I have worked for many years now as an Emotional and Behaviour Coach  both in schools and at home and love watching each individual grow from strength to strength.


When I first started my journey, I was introduced to the world of NLP Life Coaching and also trained as a Solution Centred Therapist and Bereavement Counsellor.


Most of us store past issues which can hinder us on occasions to successfully move forward.

My combined experiences enable us to work together, achieve goals and above all feel an overwhelming sense of self-worth and happiness without the need to visit the pain of previous experiences. Positivity is a must! 


I am informal with my approach although I like to be professional. It is important that each individual feels both comfortable and relaxed within my company. I am lucky to be able to connect with all ages from school students through to pensioners. We enjoy our sessions what ever the age.


Supporting others is very rewarding to me and many of my own clients end up also helping others to reach for their stars.


I'm always happy to have an initial chat with any potential new client. It's important to feel comfortable with whoever you choose to share your journey with.. remember choice is the key!

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